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is 33-foot catamaran built by Prout Catamaran in England in 1986. We were her third owners. She is a great boat. She's not super fast - especially after we loaded her down four inches in the water with all our gear and provisions - but cruising catamarans aren't meant to be quick. She made up for our lack of experience with safety. She was very comfortable both at sea and at anchor, which can be the difference between exhausted, last-minute decisions and rational, well-though-out ones.

We sold Madeline to a couple from North Carolina, Jill and John Kelly. They have made major, much-needed refurbishment of her interior and added radar, SSB, watermaker, a new roller furler, plus other gear. She spent the 1999 winter in the Bahamas and we received e-mails from boats that spotted her. In 2000 she voyaged north to Nova Scotia where she discovered Canada the hard way in the fog. In 2002, she pulled into Norman's Cay in the Bahamas when we were visiting our friends home there. We had a wonderful reunion and could show her to our kids. Derek said, "first I read the book and now I've sailed on her".

In 2003, John and Jill sold her to another young Canadian couple. In 2004, they attempted to cross the Atlantic to Europe, but turned back. We are very pleased she is still cruising and showing others the wonders of the world. If you hear news of Madeline, let us know!

Read chapter five, The Storm of The Century, to find out more about the advantages of a catamaran.

S/V Madeline:

Length: 33 feet
Beam: 14' 4"
Draft: 2' 6"
Displacement: 9,250 lb.