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Spring 2006
We love skiing as a family. Living in Ottawa it is important to enjoy winter as that is what we have most the time! The kids share our sense of adventure and love exploring every run on the mountain. The fresh air is great as long as you forego fashion. We are much warmer with the layered clothing strategy these days than when we were kids. Yes, we do ski at -30 Celsius and we enjoy it!
Fall 2005
It is hard to get everyone in a picture together. The kids are very active (aka out of control) but we try to celebrate that while silently wishing we still had as much energy.
Summer 2004
We had a wonderful German au pair named Daniela stay with us for six months.
Christmas 2003
This is our first trip out west skiing with the kids at Silver Star in British Columbia.
Summer 2002
We endeavor to introduce the kids to the wonders of nature. Nothing like hard ground and burnt marshmellows give the next generation a feel and taste for adventure. Here, Alec, Derek and Sasha prepare for our first canoe trip in Algonquin Park with a night out in the backyard.
Christmas 2001
John and Jill Kelly met us at Norman's Cay in the Bahamas. It is strange to visit a boat that you are so intimate with, but is no longer yours. The fishing rod holder and lashing are exactly as we installed it and many of the lines the same. But the arch sports radar, the headliner's replaced and a holding tank added, among many other improvements. The nicest thing is seeing a good friend being treated so well by her new owners.  
August 2000
In front of our house on the shores of Lake St. Clair. The kids love the shallow water and are becoming confident swimmers. We go sailing most weekends on our Hobie cat. 
November 1999
At last a family picture! One of those rare time when we can get everyone to stop moving. (Ten pictures were snapped to capture this one.)
Christmas 1998
Sasha Christine Main on December 22nd, only minutes into our world.
Summer 1998
Life as a 19-month-old is great!