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Ali and Pat Schulte are sailing around the world on a 35-foot cat. We are proud to have partially inspired them - in other words they thought that if Alayne and Alec and can bumble their way around then so can they! Check out Bumfuzzle's logs and pictures. Another young couple following a similar path of fun and discovery.

We completed our circumnavigation in the company of Ocean Wanderer, a family of four from Calgary. Tony, AriŽn, Michael and Saskia finished their circumnavigation 100 miles further on in the Bahamas. When we reunited for the last time in Florida, Michael invited us to his 10th birthday party! We'd first met them in Australia two years earlier, but they'd left Canada before us, when the kids were only four and five. Now their whole story is wonderfully told in a two and half hour video. We highly recommend you check it out.

Brian Hancock is a serious sailor - three Whitbreads - and an adventure-seeking crazy that we have had the pleasure of meeting as a result of boat show promotion. He is the communications director for Team Adventure in The Race. You'll love his thrilling and humorous book, Spindrift.

Another amazing individual we have met is Tami Oldham Ashcraft. Her survival at sea story will both amaze you and break your heart.

Alayne first met Amanda Swan-Neal at the Atlantic City boat show, and we reunited in 2001. Amanda is a Whitbread racer, sail maker and adventurer. She wears a flowered dress on the cover of her cruising cookbook making her look like a girlie girl, despite the fact that she's sailed to Antarctica and logs thousands of offshore miles each year with her hubbie John Neal and their Mahina Expeditions.

Amberella is the new generation of connected cruiser. They have two kids now, both born on their boat in the Mediterranean, but now they putting their lifestyle on hold. Their log makes very interesting reading for those who dream of the live-aboard sea-gypsy life.

Diane Stuemer sailed around the world, cared for her family, educated three boys and wrote weekly stories in the Ottawa Citizen about Northern Magic's adventures. Her book about the trip, The Voyage of Northern Magic, was published by McCelland & Stewart.

Paul & Sheryl Shard are living the next dream - six months on, six months off - while writing stories and producing videos. They are cruising gurus who befriended us (and saved us) when we went cold turkey from cruising after finishing our circumnavigation.

Searoom is a Toronto-based sailing site with lots of good info.

A sailing site where cruising yachts give position reports (among other neat stuff) is Cruiser Log.