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“Two adventures intertwine in this book, taking us through territory that is both exciting and real.  Two people, young and naďve, sail around the world in a small boat.  They don’t hang out in jet set destinations, but go places that most would consider not only remote, but also dangerous.  They’re ill prepared, but have what it takes to survive and enjoy what they find along the way—except maybe themselves.  Crossing oceans, evading pirates, dealing with illness in third world areas, and battling storms are all tough enough.  But when you and your spouse are doing this while living together in a small bouncing precarious space, often seeing no one else for days, you discover adventures of a deeper sort.  You go where you haven’t gone before, but within your own psyche.  Alayne Main takes us there too, with refreshing candor, sharing the struggle and victory of learning who you are and what you want.  These two adventures take you back and forth from abstract to concrete, and the experience is entertaining, exciting, thought provoking, and inspiring.”
Tom Neale - author of All In The Same Boat

“If you have ever dreamed of living the cruising life, you should read Sailing Promise. Not only is it a great story of a young couple sailing their catamaran around the world, it is also an honest examination of what it really takes to make dreams come true – courage, determination and an unfailing spirit.”
George Day - publisher and editor of Blue Water Sailing

“The story Alayne and Alec share is a great lesson on the importance of taking control of one’s own attitude, for better or worse.”
Tania Aebi
- author of Maiden Voyage

“This is an unusual book, written with remarkable candor. It will appeal to all contemplating long distance cruising in small boats.”
Nigel Calder - author of Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual

“When Alayne speaks about going cruising, women (and men) listen… she describes what it’s really like to set sail into the unknown with a determined spouse.”
Doris Colgate - founder of National Women’s Sailing Association

“Alayne shares her deepest joys and fears of ocean voyaging, and how, with the love and encouragement of her husband Alec, she came to find fulfillment and an appreciation of the cruising lifestyle.” 
Amanda Swan-Neal - author of The Essential Galley Companion

“Alayne wins our hearts as she speaks from hers.”
Carol Hasse - Port Townsend Sails

“Sailing Promise teaches many lessons in confronting the challenges of sailing and growing together as a couple.”
Barbara Marrett - author of Mahina Tiare

“Sailing Promise is the wonderfully engrossing and very honest story of a young couple negotiating the treacherous reefs and shoals of the world’s oceans – as well as their own marriage. You’ll love it!” 
Diane Stuemer - author of The Voyage of the Northern Magic

Reader Response

Just finished reading your book and I loved it. And I've never sailed! ...I enjoyed both your journeys - the actual trip and the discovery of yourselves. I'm envious of your ability to go into the unknown with anticipation, and sometimes fear. 
Karyn Seidman

Thank you very much for sharing your book with us. I found it to be a superbly honest, insightful and inspiring piece of work!...Thank you to both of you...for taking us along for a glimpse of your incredible journey and sharing your experiences on various levels.
Stephen Grieveson

You signed your great book at the boat show in Toronto - Sandra "Live your dreams". We built our dream home. I took up motorcycling at age 63 - and love it. I also had 4 boats and always found my way back to home base. Have a great time with your loving family. Thanks, Alayne and Alec. 
Herman and Sandra van der Veen

 While we are at different stages of life (I am 42, a parent to two teenagers and won't start my cruising in earnest for 5 more years), some of your fears and your challenges mirror mine. How will I function in a storm? Will I become so frightened that I can't help my husband? I loved your book and the stories of the people you met. As well as being a wonderful story, it helped me see a way to master my concerns. Thanks. 
Jacqui Cook

I finally finished reading your book...and I still can't wipe that smile off my face...Your book was an excellent read, and I feel that I was a part of all your adventures. 
Basem Abudagga

Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed sailing around the world with you. I dearly loved telling my kids aged 5 and 7 that you were swimming in waters with sharks, or that your boat hit a whale last night. I would update my husband with your location before he drifted off to sleep. I personally loved relating to your sailing fears and courage. Even though my sailing experiences have been limited to Lake Erie I could relate my own courage, then extreme fear and then to great enjoyment with caution. We recently sold our sailboat and I was feeling very sad. Thanks for lifting my spirits and letting me enjoy your journey. Oh, by the way, you couldn't have hit the nail more closely on the head had we spent 7 years in relationship therapy with you as our therapist. Trying not to attack each others weaknesses is one of many to remember. Ten years of marriage and still learning what you seem to have learned in three. Thanks again and perhaps someday we'll be sailing again. 
Nancy Patterson

My wife and I really enjoyed the presentation you gave in London - inspiring. 
Glen Simonds

I finished the book and I thoroughly enjoyed it...I look at your book with a bit of jealousy but more importantly with admiration for what the two of you accomplished!
David Jones, Effem (Mars)Inc.

My husband Karl and I have recently returned from a one year sabbatical cruise. We left October 2001 and traveled the ICW to Florida, where we spent the winter months. I read your book before we left, and twice during our cruise. We too have returned to full time employment, but will miss greatly the peace and tranquility of cruising. You have my greatest admiration, since I would never be brave enough to cross an ocean.
Donna Hasslinger

I enjoyed your book tremendously, and I wish you great success. 
Vic Pipinich

Your book is great - an autographed edition from the Atlantic City Sail Expo, that a good friend of mine loaned me. I talk about my sailing dreams all the time and he thought that I would enjoy it... the web site is great and it's nice to see that your dreams are still continuing. 
Phil Bennett

So cool! Your book means a lot to me because, Alec is soooo like my boyfriend and I totally related to you on all aspects of sailing and just life. The adventurer, and the "Wait, I don't know, but o.k." Your book brought to light the reality of circumnavigating the world, straight up!...reading your book, especially from a woman's point of view, has given me even more hope and power to do it...your book inspires more than you know...

It is 1:40am and I just finished your book. It was a page-turner. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Tim Tees

Thank you so much for writing your book. I learned a lot from reading about your experiences. Thanks again for such an honest account of both your lives. Best wishes.
Oliver Stapleton

The conflicts and challenges that you experienced in your relationship with Alec are so similar to those I've experienced in past relationships and with my present girlfriend. Maybe I can learn something from it. As you seem to suggest in your book, its all about compromising sometimes to make things work. 
Roberto Villate

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you sharing your incredible trip, and you did it so well. You covered a lot of material in a very short time. You are an excellent speaker, and all without a mike. As I sit here spinning the globe, I trace your route and imagine the distance and time elapsed as your journey progressed. I envy you. Most people chose to remain trapped in their working rut but you guys saw the world. I just sit back and imagine the peace and quiet mixed with fascinating sights and sounds of nature and exotic ports of call. 
Chris Ouellette

What a fantastic book! Thank you for sharing your story. 
Ron and Michelle

Just finished reading your book and felt compelled to write firstly just to say hello and secondly to congratulate you on a great book written from the heart. It certainly brought back lots of great memories of our trip and the trials and tribulations we endured. I have already recommended it to a couple of people heading off cruising. Not only does your book reveal the strains it can place on a relationship but you also describe so well the rewards of the cruising lifestyle and the magic locations we visited. Well done!! 
Michael Tromp, ex-s/v "Juslookin' II", circumnavigator

My wife really needed to hear about your experiences and know that some else has had the same concerns as she. She was interested in the trip before, but is now taking a more active role in the planning. Hooray!...I just wanted to thank you. 
Tony Zehe

We really enjoyed reading your book. Thank you for being so honest and open. It will be about 4-6 years before we can begin living on a catamaran, but we can't wait. I am sure I will reread your book several times before that. 
Don Campfield & Kat Sullivan

Your book I found particularly interesting because it was written by you, Alayne. A woman's perspective was something all the other books have lacked. I plan on sailing around the world with my wife. Understanding each other's needs is so important and I believe you have opened my eyes a little more as to what can be expected. 
Mark Gray

Your absolute honesty was greatly appreciated, as although I am keen to go sailing, I have some fears...I know that reading your book has inspired me to believe that I could do this trip, even though I am very emotional. Thanks for taking the time to write your book, it truly made a difference in my feeling whether or not I could actually sail on a long trip. 
Paula Denis

I wanted to send you a short note to let you know how much your book touched me. I'm finding myself in the same situation...Your vivid account of your feelings, your anxieties and your joys of sailing were painfully honest and sincere. Although I know that we will hit some of the same trials of sailing and relationship hurdles that you and Alec did, (as well as many of our own) I will have you there beside me to tell me that we're going to be alright and to prove to me that I can go on. (even if I don't get the hug). Thanks so much, Alayne. 
Mindy L. Baril order to get my busy wife to sit down and take time for your book, I'm reading it to her. It allows her to relax after a stressful day and dream of our own adventures. 
Jay W. Rymal

It was so good to read your book, and to hear your heart. It was so good to read a story about sailing that wasn't from the "CAPTAIN'S" perspective. It confirmed for me the reality of living in such tight quarters, and of the struggle of relationships. Alayne I really appreciated your honesty, and am glad that someone finally told the real story. I feel a lot more confident that we can do this knowing that you survived, and became closer. (Maybe we won't kill each other after all.) 
Bob Cooper

I just finished your book...WOW! I really appreciate your honesty in writing about your rising panic in different situations. Us who wish to control our situations can find loss of control (i.e. going along with the forces of the wind and water) almost paralyzing! I couldn't wait to get to your book each day as I read about the places you went and the way you dealt with your interactions with the boat and each other. I actually enjoyed reading that it is OK to feel afraid at times, and in the long run, it makes you stronger, as it begins happening less and less! I was very happy to read that you both worked through all your inner anxieties and came out stronger! That's really what our lives is about, isn't it?! Deciding who we really are to ourselves, not who we are based on material possessions or what others might think! 
Shannon Rae

I read your book this past Winter; it helped me get-away from the dull-gray outside. I especially appreciated your honesty, it felt like I was reading your diary. "Sailing Promise" is the best book I have read in years. 
Elke Schneider

I just wanted to say thanks for writing such a wonderful account of your circumnavigation! The idea to write what it was REALLY like was brilliant. I can't wait for my wife (who bought me your book) to read it. ;) I tell everybody I know to that they should read it in fact! 
Jay W. Rymal

Just this second I completed your book - I have to admit to dragging out the last few chapters cause i didn't want it to end! My husband and I have been dreaming all our married life (24 yrs.) about cruising. We are now able to actually sell our house, buy a boat and sail away like we've been talking about for so long! Thanks to your wonderful book we are going to sit down and make concrete plans to get our dream in action! Your book has given me a lot of food for thought - I like to think I'm brave and adventurous, but I know at times I'm going to be scared "spitless" out there! Knowing other women are out there, feeling the same way will help me! And your book has given Dave a "heads up" as to what he could expect from me!!! As he read the book, he kept saying, "Wow, we are so much like these guys!" 
Debra Storey - Nelson, British Columbia

I am sending this note to let you know that I was completely absorbed in every page. Your story was fascinating, intriguing, honest, fun - the list is endless. Thanks for sharing. 
Tom Baker

I can't express to you how much I enjoyed this book. It was FANTASTIC!! I hated to put it down... There were three parts in the book that actually made me cry; when you had to say good-bye to your friend Nathalie, when your parents visited you on your boat and when you lost the baby. I look forward to reading your next book about your next adventure. After reading about your husband's thrill for adventure, I'm sure there will be another one in the future! 
Gail Reisch - Windsor, Ontario

I just wanted to let you know that your book is great from the very first page... You have let me realize dreams are attainable! 
Jeannie Mason - Chicago, IL

Just a short note to tell you how much my husband and I enjoy your book! You kept us glued to it up to the end!...I visited your website and read the first chapter and got so interested that I asked my husband to buy it for me as a Christmas present. We both read it and concluded that we also as you and Alec, perceived danger very different from each other, this was one issue that we have not considered and we have been married for 25 years. Imagine that! Over the past few years we have been reading books about cruising but none compare to yours! I enjoyed your website, especially the pictures of you and your family. Good work. 
Blanca Eijsermans - Burlington, Ontario

I bought your book at the New Jersey boat show and just finished reading it. I enjoyed reading about your adventure and was most interested in your relationship issues. Thanks for you honesty and candor. Here is a laugh for you. One morning I got up early to read more of the book and to locate where you were. The chapter I was reading at the time had you going through one of those particularly fearful days. I found myself getting mad at Alec (sorry) and when my husband got up I told him all about it. I found myself ticked at Alec (sorry Alec) and tried to tell my husband what was going on. My voice got tense and I must have started to lecture my husband on how I would have killed him if he said or did such and such. He said "Stop, stop, Donna I'm not Alec -- your taking it out on me." Well, we laughed and laughed. You are a good writer. You really draw your readers into your story. I am sure you are both wonderful people!! 
Donna Baril

I just finished your book and loved it. It was a Christmas present for my wife but I couldn't wait until she read it to get my hands on it. I too have often dreamed of the same adventure that the two of you undertook. My time will come. Thanks for the wonderful book and the visualization of the cruising world. Best of luck with everything in the future, and I hope you keep this site updated as it seems as if I've gotten to know just a little bit about you through your book. 
David G. Duarte - Seattle, WA

Building and maintaining relationships is so very difficult in these very busy times. I really appreciate what you said and how you said it. Best of luck and I hope Oprah gets to read it. I know she will love it. The book needs to be read by everyone not just water people. 

I noticed the emotions, fears and feelings that you shared are the same exact ones that are concerning me at this time. Reading your story and how you turned everything into an adventure, has laid many of my fears to rest. And the fact that your relationship became stronger and better as time went by was a great comfort to me. 
Terri Gibson - California

My partner is really into sailing and wants to sail around the world. I'm relatively new, suffer seasickness and all the fears you talked about in your book, I share! I'm nearing the end of your book and already it has given me great comfort. I've gone from thinking that I'll not be able to share Ian's dream and as a result our relationship could be in jeopardy, to maybe I could do it! I can't wait to give it to my partner to read.
Michelle - England

I went out and bought the book (when it first came out) and read it in two days. I didn't know it then, but your book pointed me towards a new direction in life...I also will circumnavigate and experience first hand what many others wrote about. And I also want to do it in a catamaran...I want to thank you Alayne Main for writing your book and congratulate you on deciding to publish it yourself so that you wouldn't have to censor those emotional moments...Thank you Alec for having the courage to live your dream and setting an example for the rest of us and making the whole thing possible.
Tae Gon Lee - Toronto

This book was an excellent adventure story, but the thing that makes it so enjoyable to read is that it is a true story! It is a very deep emotional story about our own inner fears and how we deal with them. Also I found that it inspired me in my own life to stand up and meet the challenges I face head on. The other thing I liked is that it is written by a female but it is not about being a female but rather about relationships and how to deal with certain situations. I received the book as a gift from my girlfriend and read it in one night I just had to see how it would end!
Colin Marcano - Mississauga, Ontario

Thank you...I felt like I had actually escaped and been away to a remote island myself. What a wonderful journey and as well a very talented professional and writer...the book was just what I needed, when I needed it most.
Wendy - London, Ontario

I'm glad I have a chance to "talk" to you through your website. My wife, Pat, and I sailed for nine years on the Great Lakes on our Ontario 32, and I often wondered what it would be like to circumnavigate the globe by sailboat. Now I think I know. Your style of writing made me feel I was sailing along with you, and I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next. I do some freelance travel writing (for the National Post and Toronto Star), and I know that writing about your experiences, and from the heart, was most likely a lot more toil than many realize. Just thought I'd let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the result of your efforts.
Brian Case

The book was most enjoyable and we are impressed by the way you spelled out your feelings. There haven't been many books like that about cruising and it must be of great value for those who start dreaming. 
Margit and Ulf
Frieberg - S/V Swan, Circumnavigators, Sweden

I loaned your book to a friend here in Durban who is petrified of going cruising. She said she felt like she was with you the whole time and thoroughly enjoyed reading your adventure. She identifies completely with what you went through and because of reading your book she's now willing to give cruising a try.
Katharine L. Overton - S/V Ethereal,
South Africa

I just finished your book 30 seconds ago and felt that I had to send you a personal thank you. You put into words feelings that many people don't even want to think about. I know that the information and insight you have provided will be of benefit to myself and my family on our circumnavigation. I hope that you continue to make your dreams come true and wish you all the very best that life has to offer.
Bill Shannon - S/V Chapter One

Excuse my informality but I feel as if I know you. I purchased your book and read it over a weekend. The moment I reached the last page I immediately went back to the first page and reread every page in the book again. I'm having to resist reading it again, but I will turn the book over for my wife to read. Not only is the book riveting, it is also so beautifully written. It's been years since a book has touched me on so many levels: As an adventure, a fantasy, a triumph of personal struggle and crisis, a travelogue and a wonderful, engaging story.
Oded Kishony - Charlottesville, Virginia

I’ve always dreamed of circumnavigating, but have been stuck with the belief that I never had the time, the partner, the knowledge, or the cash to do so. However, after reading your book, I realize that everything is relative.
Val Koziol - London, Ontario

I work in a software firm as a technical writer supervisor. It is not hard for me to value your writing. It reveals just enough of your distress (almost grief) mid-voyage without immersing the reader, while sharing enough of its resolution to allow us to hope for you and Alec. Those of us who have gone through such personal agony value the courage it requires to endure, face and apply constructively. You have said less, and saying it so, it is more.
Bill Blask - S/V Jalapeno, Columbia, South Carolina

I do remember in Whangerei how we owned up to our fears. I really did enjoy the book and so did Zoe. She said you write really well and even though it was about sailing she didn't find it boring. I felt very sad when I read the bit about leaving Rode Beer having gone through lots of good-byes myself and never coming to terms with that side of cruising. That is something I really miss now, the wonderful people we met. 
Valerie Eselgroth, S/V El Gitano - First met Madeline in the South Pacific, and have now returned to England, finishing their circumnavigation

Thanks for writing the book and sharing your intimate thoughts. The story was great and the psychology presented outstanding. It helps me understand my wife better and will help her make our planned cruise next year. It also confirmed my belief that the best boat for us is a Prout Catamaran. You are a great writer. I look forward to your next book. 
Bob Haworth

I have never read a book in regards to sailing /sailing trip with so much discussion about thoughts and feelings before, and from a woman's point of view. It was very interesting. My wife has said a lot of the same things to me that you said to your husband. It now gives me a better understanding of what is going on when we sail together.
Stanley - Idaho

I just finished reading your book after my wife hogged it to herself. I found it refreshingly honest and candid. Many cruising books seem to leave out the emotional reasons for the life.
Philip Thompson - Australia

I just finished reading your book, and I was very moved. I couldn't put your book down once I started. Now that I'm finished, I wonder how I too can discover the secrets to life.
Dr. Judi Tassone - Detroit, Michigan

I really related to you as a couple in that I imagine that I would be the anxious part of the equation. My husband is the more adventurous person and I am the more conservative. I really cannot imagine ever being adventurous enough to do a trip like yours, but I hope to gain enough confidence to sail in the Caribbean or other more tame places... thanks for such an enjoyable read. 
Pam Sweetman - Belle River, Ontario

A friend of mine lent me your book, yesterday, and I haven't been able to put it down since.  You have just crossed the Tasman Sea... I keep looking at the map and cannot believe where you have sailed, so far.  It's midnight here in Florida and we are very comfortable tied to a dock.  I can't wait to get up in the morning and continue reading your adventure.  Thank you for sharing your extraordinary story with us! 
Lesley Hamilton - ex-sailor aboard a powerboat

Our liferaft measures 8 1/2" by 5 1/4" by 3/4". It contains most of the necessary survival equipment to see us through stormy times. Though our trek may not mirror yours in geographical locales, it will reflect the daily mental, spiritual and physical strains encountered on a small boat upon an ocean. Therefore we can leave with an edge that many (including yourselves) never had. A small but powerful book of waypoints of the soul...
Kevin Hart - setting out on S/V Le Coeur de Franc

Very well written and a wonderful insight as to how a couple copes out on the high seas.
Patrick Burchartz - Toronto, Ontario

It was so great for me to read this because so many of the fears and worries that you had are the same things I think I will feel.
Kim Steyn - Florida

Kudos on your accomplishments, Alayne. You are a role model for myself, and I'm sure for many struggling female sailors to follow.
Tammi Pouget - Clawson, Michigan

I found your book to be really inspiring ... and didn't want it to end!
Annalie Sieberhagen - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Alayne, your book is wonderful. I just devoured it. Your trip was fascinating and of course so exciting compared to our now apparently dull lives (not your fault of course!). Your insights about your trip were touching and I was very moved by some of your personal reflections about what life was like returning home and how it was trying to fit back into our Western world. It's something we all should be thinking about. Your reflections are sometimes uncomfortable to face, but all too true.
Michelle Romano - London, Ontario

"So descriptive that at times I felt seasick."
Bishop Fred Henry - diocese of Calgary

As long-time students and teachers of our language we wish to compliment you on your storytelling skills. They are excellent.
Gord and Gloria Moir

Your book was very inspirational and I think helpful in coming to terms with my own fears about sailing our new 16ft Hobie Cat - sailing is new to me, part of a learning curve and practice sailboat for my boyfriend of 5 years who hopes to buy a monohull and sail to the Caribbean some day. Since I read your book I seem much calmer and less anxious. I finished your book yesterday, the same day our forestay broke sending our mast crashing down 2 miles from shore, on my lap. I was remarkably calm - my boyfriend is the captain, the thrill seeker, afraid of nothing. Sailing the Hobie Cat on the weekends, has been difficult for me - it's fast, I feel out of control. I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years and a lifeguard, and I can't understand why I can't overcome my fears on this little boat knowing my swimming abilities. With some more practice and your book, I seem to be getting over it and we are actually thinking of getting trapeze gear. Wish us luck!
Noelle Schmidt - New York

The quotation from T.S. Eliot at the end of your book speaks volumes. Yes, only when the sail was over did you realize you had been on a philosophical journey too, and were seeing with new eyes, new perspectives, and new insights.
Sister Dorothy Dean - Windsor, Ontario

This is the first real book I have read from cover to cover in a very long time and I loved it.
Jeff Arnold - Stevensville, Ontario

My wife and I both found it a fascinating story and adventure - one that was tough to put down. In fact, we almost ended up with two copies - neither one of us wanted to put it down for the other to 'catch up'.
Erik & Lynn Burgdorf - planning to leave on an 18 month sailing sabbatical

I read it in a week and could hardly sleep at night -- it brought up so many familiar feelings for me. I felt as if it were an outlet for emotions I felt over 4 years ago myself!
Heidi Saltenberger - Chicago - sailed from Australia to Israel

How does a doctor -- notorious for staccatto, unfeeling institutional writing -- learn how to write like Steinbeck??
Dan Welch - Tauranga, New Zealand

What a gutsy book to write -- I'm sure that a very high percentage of women who cruise with their husbands feel almost exactly as you did only they are afraid to tell it!
Sonny Enloe - North Carolina

My hat is off to you and I have totally related to your joys and fears.
Diane - catamaran sailor from Florida

I really enjoyed your book and would recommend it to anyone. That was some trip and you are to be congratulated in your seamanship like manner. Incredible.
James Milne

We read a lot of books before we went on our trip, but yours is the only one I've found which tells the raw truth of the matter. I wish we had it before we left. It would have helped us understand better what we were getting into. The inner journey is greater than the watery one.
Fred Hizsa - S/V Tieras, Vancouver (see p. 254 of Sailing Promise)

The book is extremely well written, with a narrative prose that was especially descriptive and easy to read. In my view, it had a perfect mix of adventure, the technical elements of doing a circumnavigation, perspectives on your relationship, and "interesting" characters. As Alec mentioned to me at the book signing - "it's got something for everyone" - indeed.
Jim MacDonald - Toronto, Ontario

Your book is sheer poetry yet provides a metaphor for the kind of experience many of our students have - whose families and support systems are elsewhere and who are experiencing serious doubts concerning their capabilities. I have already recommended it to two persons.
John Whiteside, Q.C. - Faculty of Law, University of Windsor

I think the book was an act of generosity on your part: to be that honest about the difficulties you encountered within yourself and within your marriage couldn't have been easy. It would have been easier to write about how brave and adventurous and calm you had been. Good for you!
Dr. Janet Nairn - Guelph, Ontario

Great book, when does the movie come out?
Colin and Liz - Windsor, Ontario

I've read the book and highly recommend it. In fact, I purposely stretched out reading the last 20 or 30 pages because I knew that with the end, I'd be literally saying goodbye to two 'friends' who I had come to admire and respect. Not a lot of books like that. For any male that's been faced with trying to encourage a female partner to get as much enjoyment out of a boat as he does, this is a must read.
Alan Henderson

The epilogue was very moving for me and as I read the part where you talked about 'we were really living on Madeline', tears flowed down my cheek.
Dr. Pamela Poland - Oklahoma, USA

The evolution and improvement of their communication and partnership is even exemplary for older couples, and the natural and complementary fit of engineering logic and feminine sensitivity is so well described.
Emanual Klaesi - retired engineer

I could not put the book down... she is so honest about everything that I feel I would know her if I met her on the street.
Eve Murphy - Montreal, Canada

We loved the book. It was wonderful.
Marilyn Swartz - Pompano, Florida

A frank portrayal of the ups and downs of cruising around the world.
Warren Korol - sailed the South Pacific with his wife

Alayne, I met you on the last day of the Toronto Boat Show in January. When I went home that night I read all the way to page 172! Your writing style is excellent and some of the events you describe are real page turners. I congratulate both of you for the courage you found to take on such a journey - and especially the courage to write about it so honestly.
Dave Newbury

Alayne has integrity and she has guts.
Jean Neilson - Brownsville, Texas

I like the way you can follow several story lines simultaneously - the geographical adventure, the marriage and individual growth... I admire the way you have exposed your most vulnerable side to your friends, families and strangers. You present it in an honest and warm way. You are inspiring.
Susan Richards - Edmonton, Canada

Arien and I could relate to the very real fears Alayne experienced, and interestingly, our situation was the reverse. Arien being the more carefree of the two, with myself becoming more fearful as our own trip progressed. I started to visualize all the things that could go wrong with a sailboat and cause it to sink to the bottom of the ocean - the list goes on forever!
Dr. Tony Knight - circumnavigator with his wife and two children

This is a frightening kind of book to be reading while you're waiting to marry someone. Usually when you hear scary marriage stories, you say to yourself. "Oh that can't happen to me". I can't say that to myself with this story.
Sarah Howitt - Milton, Canada

I found it a really satisfying read... I must say throughout Book One, I didn't really connect with either Alayne or Alec - Alayne was so anxious and fearful and Alec was so distant and at times downright infuriating - but their characters grew through the journey, and perhaps to my surprise I was fond of both by the end - in a sense they had become my friends.
Lesley Robinson - ABC TV Researcher - Sydney, Australia


Editorial Reviews

"Thanks for your comments about my book, but I wouldn't discount the emotional and psychological challenges of simply learning to cruise with your mate. I appreciate you attacking that difficult subject and giving a touch of reality to the cruising dream, which often is over glorified."
Steve Callahan - Author of Adrift, February 2001

"For anybody it is a captivating tale, but for the sailor who has embarked or is preparing to embark on such a voyage it will certainly ring some bells."
Multihull International

"...a journey of the mind, of a young couple overcoming fears, of learning to live together in cramped quarters, of analyzing the many whys and wherefores of life."
Lake Ontario Sailor Magazine, March 2000

"Main hasn't written a traditional cruising advice book, but it vividly exposes the turmoil the non-sailing spouse can feel about long-distance cruising... one of the most unguarded self examinations among those we've reviewed."
National Women's Sailing Association

"The sublime beauty of nature and the sea aside, what four years and circumnavigation aboard a 33-foot catamaran really come down to are an intense personal journey into everything from relationships to fear to emotional exhaustion and self-doubt. Without putting us through group therapy, Alayne Main acknowledges these issues in a rich if real recounting of the four-year voyage she completed with her husband."
Blue Water Sailing

"This book is recommended to readers who are looking for an escape from the drab Canadian winter, are considering embarking on an adventure abroad, or are simply searching for an interesting look at a life which moves up and down with the waves."
The Gazette

"It became a case of physician, heal thyself."
The Medical Post

"A really interesting book to read."
Valerie Pringle - CTV's Canada AM

"There weren't any books that told her what it was really like: so she wrote her own book that explores much more than the countries she visited."
Multihulls Magazine

"A compelling story of two journeys cleverly interwoven: the voyage of a young Canadian couple, who put their burgeoning careers on hold to sail around the world on a 33-foot catamaran; and the journey of self-discovery by the author, Alayne Main, as the new experiences and ways of living force her to come to terms with her true self and her relationship with her husband."
Canadian Yachting

"What I really like about your book is that you not only describe the outward adventure, and what it is like to be on a boat, but you also describe your own inner experiences, as a woman, as a new wife, as a person confronted by a lot of challenges... and you do a wonderful job of describing the different levels that go on during the voyage... I heartily recommend this book."
Alan Mayer - CFRB Radio in Toronto

"At med school I was shown a dead body and told, 'This is your cadaver to dissect,' " she recalls. "Here I was on the ocean thinking I might be the next cadaver."
The Toronto Sun

"This book confirmed some and challenged other life assumptions that I have made."
Toronto Multihull Cruising Club Newsletter

"Sailing Promise is a story of an incredible physical journey; and a metaphor for the journey called life."
Walkerville Times

"This latest round-the-world narrative is particularly interesting for several reasons. First, the voyage was done aboard a small catamaran, not a well-documented mode of circumnavigation. Second, the author, a woman, went into the experience blindly and discovered well into the voyage that she was unhappy. Instead of ditching her keen husband, however, she decided to press on and make the most of the situation. And it is fortunate that she did. Her skeptical view of voyaging is refreshing, as is her honest discussion of life aboard a small boat with only one other person, in this case her husband."
Ocean Navigator

"A newlywed's guide to stormy weather."
The Ottawa Citizen

"Even being on land and in a relationship, I could relate to some of the struggles they encountered, and then, being out at sea magnified it."
Lousie Warner-MacDougall - on CBC TV Evening News

"An exciting and passionate story... For all those who dream of living a great adventure."
Multihulls World

"Cover to cover adventures - if you pick this up, you won't be able to put it down until it's done."
Wayne Stephens - CKLW Radio

"Theirs is a story of love. And with it swarms all the bittersweetness that keeps you on edge in a relationship, all that keeps you conscious of your strengths and weaknesses."
Marty Gervais - The Windsor Star -
full text

"It's a wonderful book... even if you don't have an interest in sailing, her story alone is terrific."
Lisa Williams - The Cam & Lisa Show on CKLW Radio

"They left on a journey that would test their relationship, that would change their lives... It's not a travelogue."
Marty Gervais - The Windsor Star