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We circumnavigated the world aboard our 33 foot Prout catamaran between 1992 and 1996. It was an amazing experience full of crazy adventures, beautiful seascapes, utterly dull periods, fascinating wildlife and glorious sailing, all punctuated by moments of intense panic. Alec claims he was never scared for his life, but if you read Alayne's book, you'll see she had a different experience. Check it out! To see great pictures not included in the book, click here!

How do you prepare for medical emergencies at sea? Alayne's medical page is very popular and give the list of what she packed in her medical kit

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During our travels we found visitors asked the same standard questions and expected quick pat answers. The first question was, "How's the trip?" The correct answer was, "Good." The second question was, "What is your favorite place?", or "Did you have any storms?" Since we were much more laid back (after four years of sailing) and had the time for long conversations, we found this very unsatisfying. In our last newsletter home we compiled the following list of serious and not-so-serious answers in an attempt to pre-empt the onslaught of questions. Enjoy!

Number of Countries Visited: 40
Total Distance Traveled:
32,000 nautical miles (60,000 kilometers)
Longest Passage in Days:
Canary Islands to Grenada, Atlantic Ocean, 24 days
Longest Passage in Miles:
Galapagos to Marquesas Islands, Pacific Ocean, 2965 nautical miles
Most Pleasant Long Passage:
Maldives to Djibouti, Indian Ocean, 15 days, 1896 nautical miles
Roughest Passage:
Both going to and leaving from New Zealand
Fastest Recorded Speed:
13.4 knots (24.8 km/hr), the Tasman Sea
Best View From a Shower:
Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands
Biggest Fish Landed:
70 lb (30 kg) yellow fin tuna, east of Tonga
Longest Fish Landed:
6 ft (183 cm) blue marlin, Great Barrier Reef
Most Fish Eaten by Sharks:
The Red Sea
Most Lobster:
The Bahamas
Best Native Cuisine
: Thailand
Cheapest Meal:
Eritrea, 9 people and many beer, US$14
Most Expensive Harbor:
Most Beautiful Island:
Bora Bora
Worst Equipment Failure:
Broken forestay en route to the Marquesas
Deepest Anchorage:
92 ft (28 m), Fesdu Atoll, Maldives Islands
Best Snorkeling/Diving:
The Maldives (Alec's vote), The Red Sea (Alayne's vote)
Most Embarrassing Docking:
Brisbane, entering a slip across the current, hit 3 boats
Worst Night at Sea:
Mallorca, escaped anchorage in a 50-knot thunderstorm
Greatest Sigh of Relief:
After hitting a whale in the Indian Ocean, no damage
Best Laundry:
Larnaca Marina, Cyprus
Worst Laundry:
Derawan Island, Indonesia, US$1.50, but got bed bugs
Nights Spent at Sea:
1993-24%, 1994-18%,1995-24%,1996-8%