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Shortly after buying Madeline we rushed south on the Intracoastal Waterway to Florida. Here we are anchored for a romantic night in a river delta marsh in South Carolina. (36.4k)
We walked to the Darwin Research Center on the island of Santa Cruz in the Galapagos and wandered the paths until we came across a couple of these ancient tortoises. Just like a Hollywood special effect, they ponderously lurched about and ate large grass stalks from our hands. (27.3k)
On the Galapagos we first met Nathalie and Robert from the Dutch boat Rode Beer. After taking careful note of the Blue-Footed Booby bird's mating dance, we created our own version at the disco that night! It was hugely successful and everyone at the nightclub was soon doing it. (26.6k)
Palmerston Island in the South Pacific ranks as one of our most favourite stops. Only shallow draft boats can get into the lagoon and the Marsters family who own and live on the island were incredibly hospitable. (27.7k)
Probably our other most favourite stopover was the Banda Islands in eastern Indonesia. We reunited with our very good friends on Rode Beer, which certainly added to the charm of the place. The children were always goofing around and calling to us with "Hello, mister!" - the only English they knew. (27.7k)
Here we are on an island off the north Borneo coast of Malaysia. We had just successful journied through the Pirate-infested waters of the Sulu Sea, and things were going pretty well. (24.8k)
A typical laundry day aboard Madeline - this picture was taken in the Maldives. Water conservation was always a concern as we didn't have a watermaker. So laundry was done with as little as possible. Fortunately we didn't wear many clothes! (25.6k)
One of a zillion fish shots. Alayne is struggling to hold up the only sailfish we ever caught. In the Red Sea, where we landed this one, we had to reel them in quick before the sharks attacked and shared our catch. The trick to successful fishing? Go where they are abundant. (16.0k)
This picture was taken from the spreaders as we crossed the Bahamas Bank homeward bound. Only at the end of the trip did we climb the mast under sail for a photo shoot and do other crazy things. (25.8k)
Before: The next two shots appear in the book, but for comparison purposes we've put them side by side in full colour. This picture was taken as we drove the rental car down to North Carolina when we first bought Madeline in 1992. (27.1k)
After: This picture was taken just before we crossed back into Canada in at the end of the trip in 1996. They were not set up - Alec didn't intentionally hold out his arm. Clearly different people! (17.7k)